The safest place

The safest place in the world is our home. The care of mother and protection of mother makes us safe. They won’t make us worried about anything we would get what we desire to have. When we are with them we are the happiest one in the world. The are the gods that we could see. They are the ones who thought us everything.

Actually it is a comfort zone when we come out of it the true colour of world will be opened in front of us. Our attitude towards everything depends upon the situation we have been growned through. Our parents are great example for us they teach as how to face difficulties and move on. They are the ones who imposed values knowledge and everything within us. They maked us happy even in their difficulties they tried to not let us know that difficulties

Actually we are the reflection of them. They are guides for us in this unknown planet. A small baby who cries by seeing strangers will only stop crying by seeing her/ his parents. They are the reason for what we are and they have contributed a lot for that. So love them and make them the happiest of all. We must take care of them like how they take care of us.

The broken heart

It is so painful when the ones we love starts to make fun of us. That pain is the most heart breaking one we feel like than we are alone but what to do we love them. They make fun of us for their joy but it is really sad moment.

This moment is the sadest and the most painful one because that moment all are avoiding us only we support us. This too shall pass on like everything because this is life it is full of joy sad and everything it is a mixed fact and reality so even if we are broken by heart we must smile.

Don’t show our inner pain to others we must hide it because there is somebody who love us. So until that day when every one knew our greatness keep fighting on. We must be hold our attitude towards us and stay on

The bond of friendship

The bond of friendship is an art of belongingness and care towards one others. Friends are the ones who understands us and have an inner bond with us. We share our everything with them and we feel happy when we are with them.

Strong bond of friendship is unbreakable and they will be with us in any crucial situation. A good friendship has an inner meaning of togetherness and unbreakable strength. It is a bond that can’t be separated by any evil forces. They will be with us in our needs and we will do anything for them. When our friends are with us we have a courage to do anything. In my life my friends has a major role. My happiest moments and sadest moments are with them.

A good friend can make us awesome and change us from our bad habbit and also to a good one and a bad friend can make us the worst than what we could imagine . A good friend only know our secrets and he can be a strong enemy because he knows everything. So hold our friends with us and ensure to select good friends.

The right time to change

Everyone may be confused about the fact which is the right time to change. A change is inavitable in every man’s life. At an particular age or period this change happens it may be in character or any other facts.

When he sees his surrounding, when he try to stand against the social injusties a change is happening inside him. He protest against every injustice and fight for it he stands in the right governace of his state or country. When a person feels about the bad situation in his surrounding then he has been change he has becamed an human from an animal. A change is needed for everything even from the mindset to the ruling so when a change happens something happens that may lead to the good or bad of a nation or society.

The right time to change is the time when we see others heart , when we are capable of seeing others pain we will ment to do something for their betterment and wellbeing so that is the time when our inner eyes our heart opens to listen others and do some thing for others. A change is inevitable for the betterment of this world. A change is needed for the empowerment of youth and the society. So live and let others live…

In search of happiness

From the beginning onwards humans were in search of happiness. They find to be happy through all the ways they could do. But in some cases to become happy they became the reason for somebodies sadness.

They forget who they are where they are from and they became so selfish and greed entirely changes them. They changed to such an evil minded like which they will do anything for becoming happy. This is because of their unawareness of how to be happy. So they destroy the planet which provided them space to live. The killed animals they cut trees for their need they think about how to destroy other to become happy in life.

But the true fact is that we only will be affected for whatever we have done. Happiness is not gained by such a way happiness is an unexpressed feeling of joy and satisfaction . It is the innate beauty not the created one. We can’t destroy others life for our happiness. It’s because they also have the right to live happily their life so live your life let them free happiness will come behind you follow your passion and dare to dream and dare to fullfill it and be the most happiest one.

The First step

The first step for success is conquering your fear. Fear is the most negative thing that make us to drop out each and every plans we decide to do so. The real success is not achieving something but it is that of overcoming the fear.

         A  fearless person can do whatever he want to do so. Most of us are blessed with somany hidden talents but only some of us is recognised by their talent this is so that we are not ready to find it and also because of fearing about the gossips and comments by others. We have only one life and we must utilise this chance to show the entire world who we are and what we are. Every person is unique and be the unique you .

        Defeat  the fear inside you and come forward and show your potential because this is the last chances. This world honours winners not the lossers show what you can and enjoy this beautiful life….

My first attempt

Hello guys….

I am new to this blogging field. Earlier I was not much aware of the thing what is a blog and what is it for and now I am here to experience this great exposure. So guys this is my first attempt of blogging and i dont even know what to write I am quite excited and thrilled with joy. I feel within few attempts I will learn much more about this field and will be an active blogger your all support will help me to be so and I will be posting new new blogs of different topics by the comming days.

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